How to get the vertices of a polygon with hole and write a geometry description in the format required by Radiance

Radiance can’t deal with polygon with hole which must be described in a indirect way:

So, I’m trying to use the GhPython component to get the vertices of a surface with hole and write a text description of f the surface in the format required by Radiance. However, I can’t get the vertices in the first place …

Can anybody kindly advise? thanks! (9.17 KB)

I’m not sure how this would be done strictly with scripting, but within grasshopper I would assign the geometry to a brep or curve component. And use a deconstruct component to yield the segments and vertices.

Hi Grasshoppe, Are you trying to re-write Honeybee? :wink:

There are two solutions. The first one is to mesh the surfaces and then write each surface separately. The second one (which is what honeybee is using in cases like yours) is to connect the corner of the outside curve to the inside curve and split it from there.