How to include impact of vegetation in indoor spaces

Hi all! I am looking to include the effect of vegetation on DBT and relative humidity in an indoor space. Is there a plugin or software that will help me to include these factors in my simulations? Can anyone please help me. Thank you.

You’ll need A LOT of vegetation for it to have a noticeable impact on the indoor environment like that. If you’re modeling a greenhouse or some type of irrigated indoor structure, the EnergyPlus Swimming Pool object is probably not too far of an approximation of a packed greenhouse full of irrigated transpiring plants. Plus it will also account for the temperature of the water coming in from the water mains, which is probably more important for the thermal balance of the room than most of the characteristics of the plants. You can add it to your simulations using additional strings.

Otherwise, it you’re just trying to account for some houseplants, I’d say that they’re not significant enough to change the indoor temperature or humidity like that.

Hi. How can swimming pool tool be used to check the effect of plants?