How to intersect a building mass with an existing HBZone?

I have a HBZone created by assembling individual surfaces via createHBZones component (the zone with colored surfaces shown in the image below).

If I create a new building mass adjacent to this zone, how should I do to make sure the surface matching and solving adjacency are done correctly and the information of the first manually assembled zone is kept intact?

I have a test GH workflow in which the manually created zone and the newly created building mass are connected to intersectMasses and then Mass2Zones and Solve Adjacencies components. However, all the information of the manually created zone is gone…(see image 2 and GH file below)

Thanks! (486 KB)


See attached. You missed to give a name to each zone.

-A. (494 KB)

Just a not for anybody else who may read this discussion later. In cases like this you should split the surfaces before making the zone. intersecting a HBZone with a brep is not allowed!


So you say that in this case it was a lucky case that it is working? Or problems are expected to happen along the road?


It will work but the two surfaces won’t be recognized as adjacent so they will both be calculates as next to outdoors and the overlap won’t have any effects.