How to parametrically link blinds vertical movement and the U value (blinds inside the walls)

Hi everyone!

The building I’m trying to simulate has a very interesting facade, with quite a complex construction issue. The bedrooms’ exposed surfaces are comprised of a set of wooden panels in two main layers. Both the wooden blinds and the glass slide vertically into the space between these panels, in many different arrangements, as you can see from the pictures.

If the blinds were completely external, I understand it would be much easier to have them modeled, either via honeybee shade generator component or as a simple context brep input into Energy Plus in order to reduce direct radiation.

Is there any way to have these two layers (blinds and glass) parametrically incorporated into the façade’s construction?

The huge range of possible arrangements of both features means a variation of the U value along the facade’s height and consequently, the thermal performance of the building.

Thanks in advance!
Fabio Bellucci

Hi @Fabio,

You could use a combination of Honeybee_setEPairflow and Honeybee_Energyplus window shade generator. With the help of schedules you could generate different combinations. It is possible to ad to every zone a different schedule. (5 zones 5 schedules)

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Hey, @Erikbeeren!

Thank you for your time! It worked!

Best regrads