How to project 'Solar Radiation Benefit Analysis' result onto the building model


Hi Fellas,

My goal is to make the building shading recommendation using the ‘Solar Radiation Benefit Analysis’ result above left.

I would like to project the result onto the building model so that it visualize the amount of solar radiation the building receive in a more intuitive way.

I tried to look into the ‘Sky dome’ python code and see if I can modify it however it ended up not being successful.

Can any great programmers help me how to modify the code and get the result I want?

I would like to upload the image more but I

Thank you so much.


Welcome to the discourse.
Why don’t you do a radiation analysis?
Plenty of examples over here or in hydra.


Hi Abraham,

Thank you so much for your reply.

Seems like there is an easier way. Let me try that and I will let you know how it goes!




You should probably have to take a look at this example.


Thank you so much.

I was working on ‘Radiation Analysis’. After that I will try that one as well.

Thank you.



I got the result I want. Thank you so much Abraham!