How to read 'radiance file' in the latest honeybee_Run Daylight Simulation component?

Dear all,

I am practicing the honeybee tutorial. I wanna read the radiance file for honeybee_Run Daylight Simulation component, however I couldn’t find the connection point. Below is the same honeybee_Run Daylight Simulation component in two different versions. It’s easy to find the ‘radiance file’ connection point in the first one. How about the second one? Thanks a lot!

Maria, the one named “Results” will be renamed "radiance file " after you run the simulation.


Dear Amedeo,

Thanks for your reply. However, what I want is to check the radiance file before running the simulation. I’ve attached the gh. and 3dm. file. Could you help me to have a check? Thanks in advance!

20160223_Daylight Analysis (450 KB)
Box.3dm (32.6 KB)

Set writeRad to True and keep runRad to False so it will generate the radiance file but won’t run it.

Dear Mostapha,

Yeah, I set writeRad to True and keep runrad to False, but it showed me the error as below: Which part did I wrong? Thanks!

You are connecting an unexisting output (see orange line). This output probably contains the results but not the geometry file, which i understand is what you are interested on. Try connecting the radGeoFile output.


Hi Abraham,

same problem here, but radGeoFile solved it.


Hi Mostapha,

Have a quick question to you, a bit off topic.

In the same example file you “prepare geometry”, I’m a bit confused here, since I watched Chris’s tutorials first, where he used to keep the faces untouched and just create windows as coplanar surfaces where he needed.

Both ways seem to give same results, can you comment on this? I’d like to go Chris’s minimalistic simple way but want to be sure there are no caveats.

Hi Tim, Can you open a new discussion and include both approaches that you are talking about here?


Yeah, here.