How to read the properties of Zones and Settings from HB and LB?

Hi, I just want to ask, how do we read the properties of the settings that we are assigning (Example: Ideal Air Loads, EP Construction, etc.) in the GH itself?
Thanks in advance.

@minggangyin request help. Thanks in advance.

@vijesh You can user label face and label room compotent.

@minggangyin Thank you very much for the reply. I have used those components. I wish to know the base settings of ‘ideal air loads’ of the component shown in the image within GH? Thank you in advance.

Hello @vijesh

Have you tried to read the discription of AirDetails input?
Some times they ask for new inputs just like in this situation. In fortunately LBT has a lot of info.

I’m started to learn EP recently so I can’t help too much.

(I just open the grass and looked for this command)


@MR_Yuki Thank you for the reply. I have used that component. I wish to know, How can I take out the settings used in ‘Ideal Air loads’ as a base case.

thanks my issue has been fixed.

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