How to remove default materials from idf

Hi everyone,

For a research project we create thousands of idfs for different scenarious by following Honeybee Schema. Everything is fine, I am just wondering how can I remove default materials (honeybee_energy/lib/materials) and constructions (honeybee_energy/lib/construction) from idf. I am willing to get more lightweight idf file, and to see errors/warnings if we delete these defaults.

Is there any function to ignore them before calling method?

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For clarification: Are you wanting to create idf’s that do not have any materials/constructions?
Or: in addition to the constructions intentionally applied to the model there is also unused generic constructions?

Hey @oguzhankoral ,

We have prioritized ensuring that IDF files always have everything that is needed to simulate any Face type over ensuring there are no unused constructions. And I think most of us on the forum would agree that simulate-ability takes priority over removing a few unused constructions.

But, if it really bothers you, you can remove this line of code from your honeybee-energy Python library:

… and you can replace it with something that only adds the constructions of the generic_construction_set that you are actually making use of in your IDFs.

Hope that helps.

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Hi @chris,

That was the line I was looking for, it worked thanks!

Altough I don’t think it will effect the performance at all if defaults don’t use in the model, we don’t want to put unused lines into idf in order to catch possible invisible mistakes if so.