How to run light consumption analysis

Hi everyone

I would like to run an energy simulation analysis that takes into consideration the use of electrical light, which should be sensor driven with a set point of 300 lux. My aim is to see how the energy consumption changes according to difference in orientaion and/or windows size.

Could someone give me an hint of how to do it?


For using EnergyPlus built-in daylight simulation see this sample. If you want to use Daysim for daylight calculation see this sample file.

Thanks @mostapha!

I have two questions. The first is, is Daysim more precise and in case which is more or less the difference? It would help me to understand wheter if the eventual semplification is appropriate for my scope.

The second is, how can i solve the “1. Solution exception:6” error? i’m using a very simple geometry and i have checked all the issu that i know (mainly those discussed here Energy simulation - no results) but i still get the problem.

massing.3dm (544.6 KB)
Honeybee_Annual_Daylight_Simulation_modificato (684.7 KB)


I don’t know very well how EnergyPlus calculates daylight, but I think it is not as detailed as Daysim.
If you are only interested in energy ocnsumptions for lighting (and no heating/cooling for instance), I would say Daysim is better.

I can’t reproduce your error as the example you provided work well on my computer.

Just a note, it seems that you are mixing the 2 workflows that @mostapha pointed out in his reply. If you want to run a daylight analysis using Daysim, then you need to set the Radiance materials, not EnergyPlus characteristics. Be aware that you are using default materials for now.

@AurelienKeller thanks for your reply, I didn’t notice the mistake on the materials

About the error, the strange thing is that, if I open the exaple file that mostapha provided, everything runs perfectly, but if I add my geometry I encounter that error. Now that you say that on your pc, the file works fine, it gets even more strange

@mostapha do you know any possible fix to the issue? I have tried what i have seen in the forum about energyplus errors anI I’ve tried reinstalling Openstudio ,but still nothing