How to show sDA on a Grid

hi @minggangyin

I got the same problem with honeybee_read_annual_results. The problem is sDA value actually. Other values work correctly with Recolor mesh component. But when i connect the sDA value it gives a warning. I know there is just one value in sDA not a list of value maybe this is the problem. But how can i visualize the sDA value?

base_case.3dm (499.3 KB) (1.4 MB)

If you can help me i really appreciate.
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If you see the output of the sDA (spatial daylight availability), it is a single value. It means, one value for the whole space and not a value for each face of the mesh. There is nothing to map here.

thank you very much @devang and @AbrahamYezioro :slightly_smiling_face: I actually guessed but
I’m just confused when I see this chart in an article.
I wondered if I did something wrong. Now I know the chart is wrong

There’s a way to show sDA(300,50%) on a grid. You can do the following; (525.6 KB)


thank you very much :slight_smile::raising_hand_woman:

Well @devang and @feyzas … Now the question is if it makes sense to have this calculation for each grid face. If the defintion of sDA is SPATIAL availability it is the whole space performance and not each grid.
For the grid itself i believe it is the DA calculation.
The calculation for the sake of it is not the goal but what can be done with it, or what is the meaning of it.


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We are not doing the calculation for each test point. It is already done when sDA is calculated. What we are doing is only displaying those points that passed the threshold. Now that we’re discussing this, it also comes to my mind that this is not something uncommon. When you apply for option-01 under LEED V4 daylight credit, they do expect you to submit such analyis result where all test points that pass the criterial are clearly shown.

I’m sorry but i think you misunderstood me. What i meant is that sDA is a measure for the whole space (zone, room). It is derived from the DA of each grid point. In short, it is not correct to say that i have sDA for a grid point. I have a DA for this point. You can show a map where each grid can show if it pass or not the threshold but still is not an sDA map.
This link shows what i’m saying.


I am not sure if our opinions differ on sDA. I understand that sDA is reported for a space or a zone. And yes, doing a pass/ fail is better way to convey the results. As a matter of the fact I always submit a pass/fail map in any submission I do for any rating system as far as daylight is concerned.