How to treat glass balustrade/handrail as context for solar radiation analysis

Hello Forum, I am curious how to treat a glass balustrade/handrail as context for solar radiation analysis. Certainly the balustrade will filter the solar radiation but not block it completely… As such, how should I handle this architectural element in a solar radiation analysis using ladybug? Thanks in advance !

You have to use Honeybee (ladybug doesn’t account for material properties).

Define the glass material according to the transmittance/reflection properties. You probably need to set a medium/high quality or manually set the -ab to a fair high value.

Probably Sarith or other gurus in Radiance can provide better recommendations.


Thanks for your reply Abraham!

to confirm:

I set the properties with honeybee, than feed that honeybee object into the context of the ladybug radiation Analysis?

Thanks again


You need to set the whole process in Honeybee.

You can see some examples in hydra, like this or this or this or this.