How to use honeybee to analyse the air-conditioning energy consumption and indoor temperature?


Here’s more than 5 hours of video tutorials on Honeybee energy modeling:…


Thanks for your rely,I watch the whole video and learn a lot . but I met some problems.

1、I set four room 0/1/2/3,room2 have green roof , I want to measure the chiller electricity between room 1and2,but I’m not sure is the “cooling” output from “readEPresult” is the chiller electricity I want.

2、i use your greenroof parameters in your” Green_Roof_In_Energy_Model”and change a bit ,though the component didn’t show wrong, I’m not sure my change is right,can you help me to check it?

3、i use cnetral air-conditioning and want to set the Indoor comfort temperature in 26,but I can’t find how to set it ,I try to set cooling setpoint but it didn’t work and my “run energy sumliation”turns red.

Can you help me?

watching for your reply. thanks in advance.


sherly (107 KB)