How to use Radiance Parameters?


I am trying to use Honeybee to generate a cumulative sky from a weather file. However, the only parameter I seem to find variable is the image size.

Is there a way to edit the .bat file created from within Honeybee+ladybug?

rpict -i -t 10 -ab 1 -ad 1000 -as 20 -ar 300 -aa 0.1 -vth -vp 0 0 0 -vd 0 0 1 -vu 0 1 0 -vh 180 -vv 180 -x 5000 -y 5000

Thank you

Hi Juan,

If the variables that you are trying to edit are the ones you list in your post, then you do not want to change the sky file. The sky file only contains information on the radiation coming from the sky and not the general parameters of your simulation like ambient bounces (ab), ambient divisions (ad), etc.

Instead, you want to change the RadParameters that you plug into your Daylight Simulation Recipe. Here you can see this component outlined in red:


That’s brilliant!