How to use two values as one fitness with Galapagos?

I need to calculate solar radiation values and wind values at the same time of a parametric buildings and choose the best parametric values using galapagos
How i can choose the minimum of the radiation and the minimum of the velocity and use them as one fitness?
min(solar radiation) , min(wind velocity) >>> to one fitness

if it is two minimums you could add them together?
can you share a canvas screenshot of your script?
Also: Wallacei may be useful

Thanks @TrevorFedyna
There is a problem with addition
For example:
wind speed = 10
solar radiation = 25
10+25 = 35

wind speed = 2
solar radiation = 32
2+32 = 34

If we choose the second one based on minimum value we get more radiation.
Wallacei i tried it before but i had some problems like red screen after long time of calculation.

I still test Ghwind , i don’t use ladybug yet until i find a solution for the fitness

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If I remember correctly: Galapagos is ‘Single Objective Optimization’: there is only one fitness value, aka parameter:

Wallacei will allow you to have multiple fitness values/parameters, as well as more modularity in what is a fitness param and what is just data that you want to save for each generation/individual

Otherwise applying a multiplier/weighting pre-sum of you two params to achieve the desired effect would be another option
and Additional info on applying adaptive weighted sum to Evolutionary Opt

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Thank you for the suggestion
I tried a simple example with Wallacei, Opposum, Galapagos
I use this method to calculate the fitness but i am not sure about it
The best result i got is from Galapagos

I would create a comparable range of numbers for both criteria, from reasonable least to absurdly high. Then as someone else has written, weight one of them so that the two ranges are in the same ballpark. Then average the two numbers and feed them in as a goal.