How to write an academic report about a complex LB/HB Grasshopper file? Any recommended examples?

Hi everyone:)

For my doctoral studies, I have set up a couple of complex Grasshopper files including many LB/HB components. The files are self-explanatory for people who are familiar with visual programming but anyway for the sake of meeting standards of academic writing I need to translate the whole compound algorithm into a text readable for people who aren’t necessarily familiar with these things. So the text should be complete enough to reflect everything as a replicable methodology.

I found this task challenging because writing about over a hundred components with multiple inputs, outputs and processes in each and interconnections between them would become such a long and complicated text.

How do you write a detailed academic report about complex Grasshopper/LB/HB files? Would you recommend successful examples in this regard?

Thank you so much:)

@AryanShahabian You dont need to show every Grasshopper compotent in you workflow, just need to post a simple diagram for your workflow. You can refer to SIMAUD\CAADRIA\ proceedings paper.