HUGE numbers from field lists for some probes... Why? What to do?

Butterfly is working well and producing results that make sense for both pressure and velocity. The meshes all check out okay, and the residuals converge on tiny numbers. When I pull up the field values, several points have huge numbers, is this normal? I noticed this same behavior in the examples as well.

How do I make sense of the result? Get rid of them, replace, ignore? I don’t know.
Thank you,

This has been asked before. some of the probes are outside the mesh. You have to ensure that all your probes are included inside the CFD mesh.

Keep in mind that the mesh will only be generated for the space that you do the calculation for. For instance, for an outdoor airflow simulation only the space between the buildings is meshed and inside the buildings are not part of mesh.

Thank you I had some corners that were causing problems.