HVAC system use less energy than the total heat gain in summer day?

Hi guys.
I simulated a simple box model for my design in a typical summer day. the result shows for that day heat gained by people is about 1000 kWh .
I think the HVAC system should at least use 1000 kWh to compensate that heat.
with Ideal Air Load from Honeybee HVAC system list the energy used for cooling seems reasonable and more than 1000 kWh . but when I select “Packaged VAV w/PFO Boxes” the energy used is about 580 kWh . can anyone explain it for me?


The cooling coil in this Packaged VAV has a COP of 2~3, I think this might be the reason.

yes it seem the one.
how can I get this details and information ?

you can use OpenStudio interface to open the osm file to check each hvac component details.

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