IDF file not importing Zone Geometry info

Hi all,

I’ve ran a simulation through Honeybee and noticed on the IDF file that the Zone Objects are not recording from HB the geometry information (x, y, z coordinates) into that object class (see the image below). I’m not sure if this is intentional or not in HB code, but I’ve ran some tests - by building the same geometry in OpenStudio - and got different results for Comfort analysis.

Was wondering if there’s some way to address this issue.


If the image is the only “issue” that you identified i believe you can simulate without any problem. The data in the Zone block is not compulsory as you can see in the items (they are not blue).
Is true that the idf import component is not importing all properties, like shading controls on windows, but it does a pretty much good work importing the data.

@emarta ,

@AbrahamYezioro has basically answered the question but I wanted to highlight further that there are many different ways to input geometry into E+. In the case of Honeybee, we use the BuildingSurface:Detailed objects to send the geometry over to E+. If you check the BuildingSurface:Detailed objects in the IDFEditor, you will see that all of the vertices of the surfaces are there.


Yes, I’ve noticed that. The only reason I asked was because I’ve noticed some result variations by simulating from OpenStudio directly and from Honeybee. I’m just trying to cover all aspects of it to make sure I get a precise simulation.

Thanks for the reply! Honeybee is great and I’m finding it much more efficient to work with it than other methods that I was currently used to. Keep up the good work!

Thanks @AbrahamYezioro for you input in this matter too!