If there is a hole on the external wall, how could I set up the model in honeybee?

I would like to set up a model of a corridor which is open on one side, blowing air and solar get into the zone. I know there is no way to create a hole in Energyplus. I have two ideas right now, but I am not sure they could work correctly. The first one is set external wall of the corridor as air wall. The second is to set the whole corridor as the context or shading object. I don’t know if this idea is feasible, and wonder if there are other ways to do it? Thanks.

Hi @zouYK

It depends a lot on what results you would like to get with this simulation?
Wind, comfort, temperature, energy use, sun shading?

Thank you for reply.
Actually I would like to get the energy use of the space beside the corridor, including HVAC system and lighting system.

And the corridor is open air?

Yes. It is open air.

Hi @zouYK,

The two options you mentioned are both possible. It depends a bit about the construction properties of the wall between the rooms and corridor (insulation).
If the wall between rooms and corridor is more an inner wall you should model the corridor as a zone with airwall or a window with natural ventilation (always open). If the wall between rooms and corridor is more like an outside wall you can better model it as outside area with shading of the floors above.
Here is a simple grasshopperscript with both options. I hope it will help you.

opencorridor.gh (627.0 KB)


I think I got a perfect answer! Thank you very much for your kind help!