Illuminance Results check

Hello Mostapha,

Testing some illuminance results for NY, in a typical office module, I get some results that look weird. Trying June 21st, Dec 21st and look ok. March 21, 23, 24 and so on looks like there is very sharp change which looks wrong, as March 20 looks smoother transition and correct.

Could you pleas advice if there is something wrong with the results?

I attach the relevant files.


Dimitris (181 KB)

Hi Dimitrios,

In general I don’t suggest to use coloredSkyVisualizer for cases like this, since it is not climate based and may give you a wrong understanding. You can use Honeybee_watchTheSky component or Ladybug_skyDome.

Nevertheless, the results are correct and as expected since you have a very different radiation values for that two hours which will generate different skies.

That’s exactly the reason that there is an averagedClimateBasedSky component. It has no inputs for the day and averages the value for the whole month, so get a representation of that hour during the month.



Just wanted to get a quick idea of the sun location without using the Ladybug Sunpath.

Honeybee_watchTheSky produces three HDR images in the folder of climateBasedSkies, but is there a way to display those in Rhino or Grasshopper? Tried the Embryo Image from Path but doesn’t work.

AverageClimateBasedSky is very useful! Thanks!


You tried it like this ? I think the embrioviz cannot read in HDR

Of course!

Thanks a lot!

it means it helped or neither ? cause if not than Mostapha should check it

It did! It works! Thank you very very much!

By “of course” I meant I should have seen that!


Gladly , even if you want to convert it into some different file type(gif,jpg…) you have in HB- IMG-IMG component (last collumn) for better manipulation and showing (I don´t like TIFF :slight_smile: )

That s also very useful!

Thanks a lot!