Image Dimensions Error

Anyone have any ideas why this error might be occurring? Half of my study worked fine but the second half keeps resulting in this, despite the image dimensions being set to 800 pixels.

This is not an error. Errors make the component red and mean that the component failed to run.

Warnings make the component orange and are meant to inform you that something unexpected happened, even though the component ran successfully.

From your recipe inputs, you probably shouldn’t be getting that warning. A resolution of 800 should be perfectly fine and I’m not able to recreate this case on my end:

Can you upload a sample file that recreates this case?

Thanks for your response Chris. After looking at the sun path I discovered that the time period I’d set for the sky component was set to before sunrise and this was causing the warning. Once adjusted it all ran smoothly.

Ahhh, I see what happened. Yes, this is a side-effect of something that’s needed to stop the recipe for failing for completely dark images. Sorry that the warning isn’t more helpful in this case. I’ll see if I can think of a better way to give a more helpful warning message.

Yes, once I’d worked it out it made complete sense. A different warning for this scenario would be great!