Impact of the outside shading materials on interior temperature and building energy

I want to simulate the impact of the outside shading materials on interior temperature and building energy. Is it impossible in Honeybee? Which component is done with?

It depends on what level of details you need. There are several discussions on this on the forum. Did you check them out already and couldn’t find your answer? Search for blinds and EPContext.

I want to set R value of diffrent material for shading and analyze energy simulation . is it possible ? for blinds and any shading created…
and when i use shade material component, conductivity item isn’t working…


Can I ask why you care about the thermal resistance of a shading material? Is this shading material forming part of the building thermal envelope?

If the shading is as I think it is (either some form of overhang, or even just an internal blind), then thermal resistance (r-value) will have no impact on your energy simulation. You may be looking perhaps for the transmissivity of the shading material? Perhaps you are looking to analyse the impact on playing with that parameter instead? (as this will impact on the amount of solar gain to the space through the window that you are shading).

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I would like to observe the influence of conductive-density-specific heat parameters on different materials shading such as brick-aluminum at room temperature and we know that materials with high thermal mass are useful in hot and dry areas. Isn’t it effective when natural ventilation is through the window? Maybe in small quantities …
Thank you for your help