Import finished Radiance calculation

Hey everyone!

I tried to import my finished DF Calculation, but I got problems to connect my points/values with the calculation surfaces (list-problem).

Is there maybe a way/component to import the whole calculation information without the need of recalculate the whole skript?

Thanks in advance.


Look at the readRADResults component.

Here is my example for you. (480.0 KB)

thanks thats exactly what i’m looking for.

Now i got still one more question.
I have several calculation surfaces and i can’t match my points with my calculation mesh after importing them with the Lookup Daylighting Folder component.

Is that because I increased the number of CPUs in my calculation (point distribution)?

thanks in advance

Hi,@GreenCape This question can be easily solved. You need to join analysis mesh and flatten the value.

Many Thanks @minggangyin
Now everything works smoothly.