Import gbxml - bug with Shading transparency object

Hi @chris ,

Im testing the Import gbxml and I think I found a bug when importing a OS or IDF file that includes a transmittance schedule assigned to a shading surface.

It throws a “Failed to apply energy properties to the model” error:

Files to recreate the issue:
Import gbxml - shading trasmittance (36.4 KB)

This component is really helpful to manipulate results from legacy simulation files using the new libraries.

Thanks for reporting, @RafaelA ,

The issue resulted from the fact that we only recently added support to import schedules. I just pushed a fix:

… and this prevents the failure of your case:

FYI, if you want schedules to be successfully imported to Honeybee, you have to import the OSM (instead of the IDF) since IDF does not support ScheduleRulesets.

Also, our CI is currently down so the fix won’t be available with the LB Versioner for a day or two.

Great, thanks Chris!

You’re welcome! The CI is back and you can now get the fix with the LB Versioner.