Import .idf to show zone rotated by energyplus

Hi All!

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I’ve been running multiparameter shoebox simulations including rotating zones for orientation. As a QA process, we prefer to input zone rotation into the energyPlus/openStudio solver directly, rather than in rhino/grasshopper geometry, to ensure the .idf files record the orientation of the simulation.

When previewing the ‘import idf’ component, the zone is not rotated. The import .idf HBzone brep is square with the world grid. Would love to have visual feedback of the .idf being rotated in the rhino preview, as there is a confusing difference where energyplus rotates clockwise, while grasshopper native (rotate rotate) and LB tools (like SunPath) rotate counter-clockwise.

Please let me know if there is a way to visualise the rotated .idf!

Hi @LachlanFinn, Have you tried Rotate_Honeybee component?

Hey @mostapha!

I had not tried it,
I’ve given it a go, and yes it rotates the zone before entering the solver, and the import idf previews a rotated geometry.
But reading the .idf in IDF Editor there is 0 rotation of the north axis, so again it does not record the rotation in the idf file itself.

It is different from other idf editor/viewers, like Euclid for sketchup, where the north axis information in the idf file is visible in the idf geometry.