Import OpenStudio HVAC to honeybee?

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I am wondering if it is possible to import HVAC configurations to Honbee components?



@MingboPeng is it something that Ironbug might support at some point?

@sz, can you also add a little bit more details on your workflow.

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Yes, I have been working on it for several days. But would like to hear more details about the workflow that @sz is expecting.

@MingboPeng @mostapha Thank you guys for replying.
I am new to OS, E+ and Honeybee, so I am not really sure what I am doing here. So the followings are the requirements that I need to model; they are essentially the fundamental set-up. Could you please let me know what are the best Honeybee components to use for this scenario?

• Heat = ON IF Temperature < 20°C; otherwise, Heat = OFF
• Cool = ON IF Temperature > 27°C; otherwise, Cool = OFF
• Heating capacity = 1000 kW (effectively infinite)
• Effective efficiency = 100%
• Cooling capacity = 1000 kW (effectively infinite)
• Effective efficiency = 100%
• Sensible cooling only; no latent heat load calculation
• Waste heat from fan = 0

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@MingboPeng @mostapha

The HVAC system configurations provided by Honeybee’s HVACSystemsList is not adequate to suit my need. Therefore, it might be easier to import my own HVAC configurations.

I will try ironbug shortly

If understand your system correctly, it is basally an “Ideal Air Load” system, with heating and cooling set points.

@MingboPeng I am not sure how this thing works though. What is the difference between heatingSetPtSchedules_ and heatingSetPt_? What are the coolingSetback_? In addition, how to define the capacity of the heating and cooling system for the ideal air load model?

Thank you very much for your help.


heatingSetPtSchedules_ is an hourly setting for heatingSetPt_.
heatingSetPt_ is a constant value for entire year.
coolingSetback_ is the temperature to maintain when the space is not occupied.
ideal air load system: basically is a system has infinite capacity and 100% efficiency.

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