Importing EnergyPlus Result with Honeybee from Design Builder

Hi guys,

I would like to know if it is possible to import the results coming from a simulation made within DesignBuilder with Honeybee for further analysis.

I get the following files from the simulation:

I tried to use the ReadEPResult component but it can’t get the results out of the .csv file.

Please find attached the eio and csv files. The eso file is too big to be attached. I can wetransfer it if you need.

By the way, I managed to import the result with the plugin Mr Comfy but the reading of the result is limited to zone type and not surface type results. If you know any method to do this, please let me know!

Thank you very much in advance for your feedback

Best regards,


eplusout.eio (74.9 KB)
epluszsz.csv (23.2 KB)

You are connecting the wrong CSV file (this one only has zone sizing information). You should be getting an output file called eplusout.csv which has all the outputs listed in the IDF file.

If this eplusout.csv is not being generated, that means that a post-processing command that reads the ESO file and converts it into CSV format isn’t being executed (ReadVarsESO.exe). I haven’t worked much with DesignBuilder so not sure how it creates the output files – if it doesn’t run ReadVarsESO, then you can always run it manually (see this thread for more info –

Tank you Julia, it is working better now :slight_smile: