Impossible to create HBGLZ on a box

Good morning. I’m finding some problems in defining two glazing on a box, which will represent two transparent sliding doors on a shipping container reconverted to a temporary shop. As you can see from the attached .gh file, in custom preview i cannot obtain any window surface, also because the output in addHBGLZ is an untrimmed surface. I designed the container in meters (like 6.058 x 2.591 x 2.438) and my Rhino file is already in meters, both in model and layout, so i cannot find a correct solution for this problem. I’m hoping that someone could help me, because the file is really easy and the error might be something really little which i can not understand.

Here is the link to the .gh file

I have put two options in your file.
It is easier to wrok with breps then with surfaces.