Incremental simulation time and memory issues

Hello Chris,

we meet at the Advancing Computational Building Design conference in NY this year.
great presentation BTW.

I’m experiencing memory problems with RH6.
I’m running energy and illuminance models at the same time for a residential building. It is just one typical floor with 16 thermal zones. Since it is a large number of iterations (1296), I divided them into 6 files to run all them in parallel in a server, around ~200 each.

These 6 Rhino sessions run fast in the beginning, about 2 to 3 mins the initial runs, then 4-5 mins at iteration 30, 6-7 mins at 50, 20-25 at 100, and then they crash. They are eating all the memory until they die.

I have done this (running 6 or more RH sessions in parallel) before with RH5, but RH6 with the latest versions of Plus 0.0.04 and legacy 0.0.63 is showing these issues. Do you know if there is any RH6 settings that I need t adjust? or any advice in this matter?

Thank you!


Thank you for reporting this issue. Are you able to isolate the problem? Is it because of energy model or daylight model? If it is the daylight model are you using Honeybee or Honeybee[+]? We need to pinpoint the problematic component/workflow otherwise it will be very hard to figure it out.

Thank you Mostapha,

Im using HB+ .0.0.04 for illiminance and HB Legacy 0.0.63.
I will run them one at a time and will report back. I will also send the definition.
With this kind of tools we never know in advance the limits.