Indoor Adaptive Comfort Chart - Issue with analysis Period and 3D chart components

Hi everybody!

I’m having some troubles with the 3D chart here, it doesn’t show the correct analysis period I set to run the energy simulation. As you can see below, the month axis is not matching the simulation period.

The same 3D chart component works good when connected to other data ( in this case, operative temperature from EP result). I am using Legend Parameters to modify the settings (scale+value range+colors).

Does anybody know why ?? Any advice is more than welcomed !


Indoor Adaptive Comfort Analysis_Saparate Winter+Summer Ventilation (822 KB)

Hi Niccolo

If you connect a panel to “conditionOfPerson” output you’ll see:
line 5: (1, 1, 1)
line 6: (12, 31, 24)

There is a small bug in Ladybug_Adaptive Comfort Calculator. I have fixed it, but I have to ask to Chris if it works fine for all possible cases with this change.
As you can see from the image below, it should be fine.



Hi Chris,

I have noted a thing about Ladybug_3DChart. For example, if you want to visualize data from January to March, the component works fine.

but, for example, if you start from November to February, labels on x axis disappear

The issue is because of the “monthslist For Loop”. I have modified a bit this part of code, and it should be fine.

I think it works well. Let me know what do you think about this variation.



Hi Antonello,

Thanks! Let’s open an issue for your findings on github. I’m not sure Chris has seen your comments here.


Nick and Antonello,

Thank you for pointing out and fixing these bugs and I am sorry for being a bit late to the conversation. I originally wrote the Adaptive Comfort component such that you should not connect up any analysisPeriod if your input data is not for the full year. Nick, you will see that if you disconnect the analysisPeriod from the Adaptive Comfort component in your file, the analysis period in the Ladybug header is output correctly.

Antonello, your first bug fix for this is helpful and you are correct to ask whether it works for all cases. When someone connects up and analysis period for data that is not annual, I agree that we should just ignore this connected analysisPeriod as your fix suggests. However, we should give a warning to the user that this is happening. I have done this in the attached file and on the version of the component I just pushed to the github:

As for your second bug-fix, Antonello, man that is elegant! I haven’t really used deques before but they are clearly very useful. I just committed your fix and thank you for tackling it. My coworker actually discovered the same bug the other day but I forgot to add an issue to the github. I have added you as a contributor to the 3D chart component for this:…

Thanks for sharing your insight here and stay awesome!


Improved Adpative (401 KB)