Indoor airflow in swimming pool space with custom duct/fan system

Hello together,

I would like to model the indoor air flow and the temperature stratification in a swimming pool space using the Butterfly plugin. After several steps of iteration I am finally able to create a model that works fine and generates reasonable results. The only thing I still need to add to the model is a custom duct system that will be installed 1.5m suspended from the ceiling (see attached screenshot).

The system/duct has the function to support the air circulation inside the space by transfering air from one side of the huge space to the other. The system on one side has an “outlet” that draws the air into the duct, a fan that drives the air flow and an “inlet” that gives the air back to space on the other side of the room. My question now is if it is possible to model something like that and secondly how to model this situation properly in Butterfly?

Actually, the duct system is a second volume/closed brep inside the main model space which from my experience doesn’t work in BF, does it?

Does somebody here know an elegant way to model the given situation/duct system or to simplify the model in a proper way? Thanks for your help!

15052019111319-0001.pdf (196.9 KB)