Indoor airflow problems

Desperately need some help on butterfly
I was trying to simulate a indoor airflow case for a double floor height lobby, as I dont have very solid understanding to the butterfly software so I start from the “02_0_indoor_airflow” example file come with the package by replacing the geometry in the GH.
after loading all geometry and test point to the GH file, I am unable to get a result while the meshing looks fine after “snappyHexMesh”
it seems there is a file missing during the process, which I have no idea where it was generated, is there any way to slove this problem?

Make sure that you have set the conditions for all the boundary surfaces in p, U, k, epsilon, and nut in %USERPROFILE%\butterfly\efcindoor\0.

The boundary surface can be found in %USERPROFILE%\butterfly\efcindoor\constant\polyMesh\boundary.

I did, as I mentioned, I was using the example file and replace the test geo with my model
the message shows the system cant file the file “simpleFoam.err” for no reason,
I checked the folder there no such file

simpleFoam.err is never output. This is a bug in butterfly, but there is no problem in execution.
However, since simpleFoam.err is not output, there is no log file left for standard error output. In order to see the standard error output, you need to run the contents of ir.bat at the command prompt.

If you replace the shape model of 02_0_indoor_airflow, the shape model must be a closed surface. Otherwise, you probably won’t be able to do the calculation because the boundary surface called boundingbox will remain and the boundary condition will not be set.