Indoor comfort analysis v1.3.0

Hi all,

I am developing indoor pmv comfort via v1.3.0.

I’ve got some problems when carrying out the script.

I don’t know how to connect long wave mrt though it says indoor room temperatures. I didn’t find the component.

The second question is that after I run the energy simulation there’s no result on relative humidity.

Hi @YD ,

If you’re building a Honeybee energy model, it’s going to be much simpler to evaluate PMV comfort by running the HB PMV Comfort Map. The result will also be more accurate because that PMV comfort mapping recipe can account for shortwave solar reflections (given that the shortwave calculation is run using Radiance).

This isn’t to say that you couldn’t also do a comfort analysis using those components but you should be using the rad_temp from the energy simulation as your _longwave_mrt. Also, you should make sure that your components are of the correct version since it seems that relative humidity isn’t being requested for some reason: