Indoor pool thermal loads to the room


I am modeilng a glass building (walls and roof) whose program is an indoor pool (spa).
I am calculating the overheating problems of an all glass building, I don’t need to calculate how to heat up the pool, I need to:

  1. Assign water material to the flloor
  2. Which termal loads would the 30º and 40º pools apply to the room, and how to model them in honeybee.

Right now I am simulating the room as standart hotel rest room program, which I have modified to how would people behave there, the schelude and input hot water with the service hot water to simulate the hot water in the room.

Does anyone know how to imput water material + the heat loads coming from a hot water pool?


Would this component from Ironbug be useful to simulate the heat load created by the pool?

It says it simulated heat from water, but it needs flowing water, could it work for a pool @MingboPeng ? I know the pool will recive 0.5L/s


Hi @AdriaM71,

Yoy can have a look here for examples.