IndoorViewFactor and Air Walls mesh issue


Just want to report an issue i was dealing with, having air wall partitions between thermal zones and using the HB_IndoorViewFactor component.

As you can see in the image below,when you plug your zones into the distFromFloorOrSrf_ input by either a distance or a list of surfaces (which is the case of the image), i expected to get the same amount of meshes from the viewFactorMesh output. This happens when you DON’T remove the air walls (bottom case), or you don’t have air walls at all. But when you set the removeAirWalls_ to TRUE (and do have air walls in the model) you get an unified mesh instead (top case). This usually is fine and you don’t need to care about.

The issue happens when you want to get your results per individual zone (for instance, amount of thermal comfort for each room).

In order to get the same amount of meshes as the input you need to used the native GH Disjoint Mesh (top case again).

I need to thank Chris for pointing out this solution.


Thank YOU for posting for the community to see the workflow, Abraham!

And thank you again for finding the bug we fixed in the course of addressing this.