IndoorViewFactor Duplicate border issue


I’m having the following error with the HB_IndoorViewFactor:

  1. One of your continuous closed air volumes has an overlapping edge that is causing it to not read as a solid.
    Bake the closedAirVolumes output and do a DupBorder command on the polysurface to see the buggy edge.
    Rhino’s solid operations are buggy. Hopefully McNeel fix this one soon.

I’m doing the recommendation, baking the Closed Zones and doing the Dupborder command in Rhino, but no use. No duplicate borders found.

Using the new (and fantastic) new component HB_loadHBObjects, to make thinks easy to follow, i’m attaching the saved geometry and the GH for debug.

Any ideas and/or recommendations how to solve this?



Saba_HB (243 KB) (462 KB)

Hi Abraham! The new component won’t work right now. You need to give me more time to re-write it. :expressionless:

Yes i’ve just noticed.
Anyway, for the topic issue attached both Rhino and GH files.

sim 1 - munot o (847 KB)
munot o (1.21 MB)

Just to update about this tread.

Seems to be that in effect some surfaces are not coplanar by a difference of 0.00004!!!

A very close zoom in shows that.

I’ll update in case this was the reason and it is solved.