Info about visibility analysis

Hi to everyone. I apologize in advance for my poor English. Is it possible with ladybug to make visibility/view analysis (what I can see from a certain point )? I want to make a visibility analysis for my thesis (and collect the datas of the analysis) and i rode about 2D/3D isovist and ladybug in this article:

If it is possible can anyone suggest me tutorials on how to do it?


You have the examples at the link you provided … though you need to build them.

Check these links: 1 and 2

Also attached a file that uses the LB_viewRose component (thanks to Mostapha for the geometry, at the time i did it).

-A. (417 KB)

Thak you so much for your time and for being so helpful! And what about the 3D analysis?

What about it? It is in he link you mentioned above, right?

Anyway, attached an example (together with the previous one).

-A. (443 KB)

Yes it’s the image related to that link I posted above. Thank you a lot!!!