Initial condition and compute control


Thanks for the latest update of Butterfly. This opens a lot of possibilities to studies on air and geometry.

I have two questions.

  1. Can we identify the initial condition? It seems to me that there is no such input so I guess it all start from 0 field. It will be great if we can start from last simulation result with the same mesh or interpolate previous result from a different mesh.

  2. Can we have a compute control to the simulation? I guess the grasshopper file is continuously running, to visualise results in real-time. However, this make it tricky to conduct optimisation study. Ideally, optimisation study need to start a simulation, pause grasshopper (not changing geometry input), after simulation finished restart grasshopper for next geometry. Any suggestion on this? Maybe adding an option to not running the OpenFOAM batch in background mode?

Looking for your reply. Very exciting in testing Butterfly now.


Hi @Bing, glad you like it!

For the first question, we haven’t yet implemented mapFields yet which would be the OF function to use in that case. It shouldn’t be hard to do (although it might, just talking without thinking it too much) but it might take a while to happen.

For optimization CFD studies in GH…well you got me there. I’m not sure that’s feasible, or I should say preferrable. Design exploration is totally possible, as BF allows you to create and later run hundreds of cases in a matter of minutes. But real time optimization, I am not sure. It’s doable ofc, but I wouldn’t think it would be efficient.

Kind regards,