Inquiry for simulation

I have a building that consists of 4 floors, and I want run daylight and energy simulations.

For both simulations, do I need to make a separate simulation for each floor? For example, run daylight simulation for ground floor after that take the result, and then repeat the process for each floor, is that correct?
Any idea could help.

Thanks in advance,

No. You can run daylight simulation for all floors at once. Please check the sample
daylight (513.7 KB)

Thanks Devang for sharing a file!
I followed yours but I got a problem! I really tried to fix it but I couldn’t. See 2 photos; the first one, I created an opening on a wall and a shading device front of the wall as a context, which works properly.

So, I repeated what I did but I got issues! See photo.

I uploaded the gh. file as well. I hope you or someone would help and figure out where the problem is?
Abo safia house_workGood_the (667.1 KB)

Thanks in advance!

I rebuild another close 3D to be closed breb but I still get no floors! Any ideas to solve the problem?

Thanks in advance,