Insert own material to Honeybee

hallo people,

If i need to insert the following material to Honeybee:

void colorpict mat_0~1
9 red green blue surfpic2.pic tile_u tile_v -s 1
1 1

mat_0~1 plastic mat_0
5 1 1 1 0 0

any hint?

Thanks in advance!


Check these examples on Hydra: WaterCube and Mesh

Assuming your radiance installation is in C:\Radiance, you should place the cal file in the c:\radiance\lib folder. At runtime Radiance searches for .cal files in the folder specified by RAYPATH , which usually is the c:\radiance\lib.

(I didn’t mean to reply to Mostapha’s message. I saw a reply to his message, which doesn’t exist anymore !)

hallo Sarith, i just managed and saw your message! thx!

now i faced another thing, I attached the file… any advice?

ja , it is my mistake! sorry for any convenience …

You have a couple of options:

  1. Place the file also in the lib folder.

  2. Hardcode the full path name instead of keeping it relative i.e. something like c:\project\images\surfpic2.png instead of surfpic2.png .

By the way, did you write your own cal file ?!

I didn’t get the 2. point ( hardcode the full…)

no, I got it from Relux Software. I am not able where the .pic files are saved there so i can copy them to radiance folder…

Can you tell me which material it is ? My Relux is in English and I can’t see a material by that name in my materials list.

Texture Library, Miscellaneous, then Glass 01

I am not exactly sure what Relux is doing with Radiance. I think it is running Radiance within a process from C++ and lot of the functionality is actually hidden from the users. You can find the cal files and rad files in this folder :

C:\Users\Sarith\AppData\Local\Temp\radSources (replace my name with yours).

However, the pic file which is created in that folder crashes. So, I tried to hack the process and get an image through a screenshot and ra_bmp.

This is the rendering that I got through Relux:

This is what I got from my own renderings with image that I got:

This is surprising because the material is called Glass. However the radiance definition of the material is :

void colorpict mat_104~1
9 red green blue surfpic2.pic tile_u tile_v -s 0.58500
1 0.975

mat_104~1 plastic mat_104
5 1 1 1 0 0

The colorpict on the the first line only modifies color patterns and does not make the material transparent/translucent. Similarly, the plastic type implies that the material won’t be transparent anyway.

I don’t think this material as defined in Relux is a physically based material. You are probably better off importing the Raytracer materials to Honeybee. Andy Mcneil had an excellent presentation about GlassBlocks in the last Radiance workshop:…

The pic file that I generated is here :