Integrated usage of honeybee and butterfly (energyplus + openfoam)

Dear All,
I would appreciate it if you could provide some links to examples or tutorials showing how to use honeybee energyplus and openfoam in an integral way. For instance how to see the impact of chimney effect of a double skin facade on the annual cooling energy demand of a building.
Thank you.

This is not an easy question to answer. You should refer to the papers which have discussed different workflows for coupling CFD and Energy simulation.

For the specific question of effect of a chimney The typical approach is that you will use the CFD simulation to model the airflow and temperature inside the chimney based using solar radiation as the input boundary condition. It will give you surface temperature and also air change rate for the chimney which you can use as an input to your energy model.

There are several challenges here including the time that it takes to run the CFD simulation for all the hours of the year. See the related publications to see how others have addressed similar issues.