Integrating daylight and energy simulation in honeybee plus

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I wanted to investigate the relationship between space settings (geometry) between daylight simulation and energy in Honeybee Plus. As shown in the picture, It gives an error when I connect the geometry to the simulation engine using the constituent components of the zone.

  1. Solution exception:
    Room: VeluxCenter
    is not a valid Honeybee object.

I know this algorithm below can be used to simulate daylight, but it is not possible to apply a condition or program in this algorithm.
In other words, my intention is to be able to do the same in Honeybee Plus, according to the sample provided by honeybee legacy for integrating daylight and energy
However, there are more questions after that.
Thanks if anyone can help me.

You are using the RunRadiance component from Ladybug Legacy, while all the others are from the new LadybugTools (1.2 version). Try to use the new component to run the simulation as well, this might be the issue

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Thank you @Matteo
Well, if that’s what you’re saying, it’s not possible to integrate daylight and energy into the Honeybee Plus. But do you think it is possible to connect daylight simulation to Energy Plus (in Honeybee Plus Algorithm) as shown in the image below (Honeybee legacy)? thanks in advance for your help
Basically, this is exactly what I want (figure below), but in Honeybee+
Mr. @chris , may you also express your opinion please!

Of course is possible. My point was that is not possible to have the RunRadiance component from Honeybee Plus or Legacy at the end of a script developed to work with the new LadybugTools (1.2) as you are doing. You should either develop also the previous part of the script using H+ components for geometry preparation and so on, or end the script in the right way by creating the model and run the simulation with the LBT (1.2).


Thanks @Matteo for the your time. I fully understood; Basically, I have to use LBT components. Thanks also to @Mohammad.hakim.a for the explanation privately.

Yea, sorry that this conversation dragged out because of our lack of clarity with naming different plugin versions. Both the Legacy plugin and Honeybee[+] are still usable and can be installed alongside the latest Ladybug Tools plugin (LBT 1.3 as of two days ago). But Legacy and Honeybee[+] are deprecated and the objects that you create with them are not compatible with those of LBT 1.3.

So Matteo is right that you should start transitioning over to LBT 1.3.

LBT 1.3 essentially has full support for all the historic Radiance and Energy capabilities. There are a few small things missing (eg. 3-Phase and 5-Pahse Radiance simulations, Radiant HVAC in energy simulations). But these should be available in the next release in a few months and there are so many new features and improvements in the LBT plugin that it’s really worth upgrading.

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Thanks @chris
Please consider the advanced shading control capabilities in the next version :star_struck:

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