Interface for monitoring simulations

We have developed a number of components do energy simulations in grasshopper based upon Daysim/Honeybee. 1000 zones takes about 10 minutes or longer so we need a way to monitor the progress in Daysim and grasshopper. My idea is to write some data to disk (a textfile) and an other tool (based upon Python/Dash) to read and vidualize progress and result. Hopefully also to pause and run simulations. Any ideas or suggestions about this?

I assume you are running either daylighting with Daysim, or EnergyPlus with OpenStudio. None of them has a straight forward solution to know the completion percentage but there are workarounds for daylight simulation. This is again one of those things that will be built in in [+] libraries whenever possible. Here is an example:

Thanks a lot , using file size is clever, I just need to determine how large it should be but I know the number if nodes and hours so it should be rather easy to approximate. The energy simulation is not done in Energyplus but in a custom component in grasshopper so we have the possibility to change the output as we please. I wounder if I can open and read data from a file while grasshopper is writing? I guess ai will have try.