Interior daylight simulation

Dear community,

I was trying to create an interior daylight simulation,

but my first and biggest problem is:
generated HDRs are not correctly generated (they have just 2kB size).

the generated GIF has 0kB).

Thank you for any help.

the files are here:
Rhinoceros 6, Ladybug 0.0.68, Honeybee 0.0.65, Windows 10 64-bit

Welcome to forum!

Your workflow is working in my computer as you can see result image below:

There should be some reasons, lets try them,

  • Be sure you install your Radiance in C:\Radiance

  • Please add Radiance file path into your system

    • Right-click This PC
    • Click Advanced System Settings into left panel
    • Click Environmental Variables
    • Add New to system variables
      • Variable name: Radiance
      • Variable value: C:\Radiance\bin
  • Can you assign your workingDir directory to C:\ladybug\test

  • Copy files in wxfalsecolor-0.52 file - Paste C:\Radiance\bin (I added this file as link, In case of you don’t have)

  • You can open your HDR file using with wxfalsecolor