Interpretation of annual radiation data directly from the result files

Hi !

I’m running a large number of annual radation studies using HB+. To save time I’m writing all of the batch files first, running them in parallel and then performing data analysis outside grasshopper.

The result files (“diffuse…scene…default.ill” + “sun…scene…default.ill” = “scene…default.ill” ) contains data that is different from when you load the same result files into grasshopper using “HoneybeePlus_Hourly Values”. Have tried going through the code looking for a formatting of the data from the results files when it is loaded into grasshopper, with no luck,

Interestingly when performing DC gridbased illuminance simulations in HB+ the content of the result files matches the output of “HoneybeePlus_Hourly Values” when you load it into grasshopper.

So in a nutshell I am trying to understand the unit of the data in the result files from an HB+ annual radation study and how to convert it to kWh or Wh.

I bet @mostapha has a take on this

Cheers Tobias

My best guess is that you forget to divide the values by 179.

and here is why 179:

And you are correct - thank you very much !