Invalid literal for float(): DynamoForRevit

hi. I am using Honeybee in Dynamo for light analysis, the package of Honeybee and Ladybug I downloaded from the package searching in Dynamo. I don’t know the vision of my radiance in Honeybee, but I saw that some people who have the problem with honeybee in Dynamo said the vision of radiance is better to be 5.1, then I downloaded from the GitHub and replace the old one in local honeybee file.
There are five files on the GitHub website, and I only downloaded 3 of them since my system is windows.

I ran the installation and put it in both Dynamo Revit and Dynamo Core file, which the old radiance file automatically be downloaded with the honeybee package.

Then I ran the sample file in honeybee, 02 daylight factor. The problem is still exist.

Did I mised something when I install the radiance 5.1? I am the newbie of using honeybee and don’t have the experience of using GH. It will be grateful if I can get some help.