IronBug Airloop Needs One Fan

Hello @MingboPeng -

I am testing the default Ironbug Systm_04_SZHP_All_Elec and it is not working. it says: 1. Solution exception:Airloop needs at least one fan!

Do you know what might be the issue? I just updated my whole script to 1.6.0, and I am not sure if there is something there not working.

Attached the simplified model.
2023.0201 - Fan Issue Iron (618.3 KB)

Hi @Yure this is because the data structure for creating an airloop is not correct. It ended up making two airloops per room instead of one airloop per room. That’s why one of the air loop is missing a fan.

Please find the following attached updated system (which is also updated in the new version of Ironbug). (33.9 KB)

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