Ironbug HVAC System in multiple scripts definition

Hi all,
I’m trying to understand if I can split an Honeybee/Ironbug Energy Simulation in multiple scripts using the GH “Data Input” and “Data Output” components to make the scripts “communicate” as shown in this post:

The idea is to isolate the HVAC system from the main simulation, and to test different HVAC scripts written with Ironbug in combination with the main script.
I took one of the Ironbug sample file from Hydrashare and tried to split the definition in two parts, isolating the HB_Export to OpenStudio component in the second part. When I run the simulation, it works using the HB HVAC components, but not with the Ironbug components.
Seems that when I try to push the Ironbug HVAC System through Data Input and Output, the connection between the Ironbug components and the HB_Export to OpenStudio component is lost and the simulation fails. Any ideas how to solve this?

Here is the link to the multiscript definition:

Hi @EmanueleL,

Thanks for your post, I honestly didn’t know such workflow has been added in RH6.
It most likely the issue is related to object’s serialization. From what I can see now, the “Data Input” component doesn’t understand the objects other than native gh types. I will need to take a deep look to see how it works, it shouldn’t be too hard.

I will keep you posted,

Hi @MingboPeng ,

Thanks for the reply, looking forward to know any developments on this!
I’ll try for now, as workaround, to write an osm file in the first script and reopen it in the second to run the simulation, but I suspect for large models it will slow down the workflow, compared to using the data out and in components.