Ironbug Object Parameter

Hello, Is it possible to set additional parameters, like node name, with the Ironbug Object Parameter. When I expand the object some parameters are missing. I have attached an image with the parameters of a pump.

Thank you

HI @BestiaParda

Could you tell me why you want to set parameters like “node name” by your self?

All you can find from the ObjectParameter are all parameters that OpenStudio exposed to users for changes. Those are the same as you could find in OpenStudio Application. Some parameters like “inlet node name”, will be handled by Ironbug and OpenStudio automatically when they start to connecting each hvac components together under the hood (this process happens during exporting the OpenStudio model).

In the other words, at the time setting up those parameters for each object, the object (pump in this case) is not really connected to any other hvac object yet.


Thank you @MingboPeng

When I see the results in DView I have a lot of nodes in every loop and I can’t identify each node. I need to rename them in Openstudio every time I run the model to try understand the results in the loop.

The tool is fantastic, thank you for sharing your work!!

Hi @BestiaParda

I am still working on adding the “Meter”, so that you can add this “node monitor” wherever you want, and only reports data from this meter instead outputting all nodes data.

Before I finish the “meter”, one possible way to workaround is you could use “OutputParams” for one of object that is around (before or after node) the node you want to check, and hopefully that object has output value (like air flow, temperature, etc) that you want to get from the node.

Thank you @MingboPeng

I will use “OutputParams” and a last question, is it possible to rename the pump to identify it in the results?

Hi @BestiaParda
I have been forgetting to add name as parameter of objects. now I eventually added it in “ObjParam” for all hvac objects.
Please download this update-package, and override all old files. (note: unlock before unzipping it) (216.6 KB)

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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Hi @BestiaParda

Finally I got some time to work on this “Probe” (previously mentioned as “Meter”).
Here is the update package, please download and unzip to c:\Ironbug folder. (unlock it before unzipping)

Ironbug_update (227.2 KB)

Here is an example file, and some screenshots show workflow. (15.2 KB)

Hope this helps and let me know if you have any questions.