Ironbug_PlenumZone Error : 1. No valid HBZones or zone names!

Hello! @MingboPeng

I am a student studying Ironbug.

An error occurred during HVAC modeling, and I am posting this.

I want to use the PlenumZone Component.

Linking this component with the Legacy version doesn’t cause any problems, but linking it with LBT causes problems.

The error is: 1. No valid HBZones or zone names! (480.3 KB)

Can i know how to solve it? thank you

I was able to run the file with no issues. Could be an issue with your installation of LBT or Ironbug. Did you install LBT through the pollination installer or from food4rhino? I found that the pollination installer works best with the latest version of Ironbug.

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What @JaeWon.Kim said, using the latest Pollination and Ironbug installer will solve the issue.